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Deeply immersed in music since age 4 (and earlier), Quinn is an extremely versatile and facile performer in a variety of fiddle and folk styles.  An expressive soloist, solid member of the band,  and sensitive accompanist, Quinn flows easily from improv jam to leading a band with chord sheets to sight-reading scores for classical ensembles.  


Quinn's original arrangements and compositions have been performed by orchestras, string quartets, folk band, and choirs.

Quinn performs regularly with

The Berry Pickers with Wylie Robbins-Thorne-Thomsen & others

The Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra

The Family Folk Chorale

Imagine: Beatles Solo Years

Piano Men: the Music of Billy Joel & Elton John

Classic Rock Orchestra

Quinn has also performed regularly with

Fiddlin' Quinn and his Big Folks Band

Alastair Moock & Friends

Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra


Quinn 2010-2019 (click the pic)

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